New Bag Sizes Effective August 1

Effective August 1, we are making some changes to our bag sizes.

Ugh. Why?

We wanted our bag sizes to match up with tin sizes. Now, when you order a large tin, you fill it with a large bag of popcorn (or three small bags if you want multiple flavors). A medium tin is filled with a medium bag of popcorn, and small bag is filled with a small bag. We probably should have set it up this way when we opened the store. This makes the pricing a little more straightforward, and it’s easier for our customers to understand and our staff to manage.

So are prices increasing?

No … but the new medium (for example) holds more than the old medium. It costs more, but the cost per cup is consistent from the old to the new.

OK, how does this work?

The smallest bags are now called Single, Double and Triple (formerly Mini, Junior and Small). Their pricing and capacities are unchanged. We have added a new Small bag that holds about 1 gallon. The new Medium holds about 2 gallons. The new Large holds about 3 gallons. The XLarge hasn’t changed – it holds about 6 gallons. Here's a link to the August menu.