Donation Requests

We get hundreds of donation requests, and it's just not possible to accommodate all of them - even for events that are obviously worthwhile. We are committed to giving back to our local community where our customers and employees live and work - so we only provide donations for charitable groups in the greater Austin, Texas area. If your event, school or organization is not in the Austin area, please don't submit a request. Sorry, but we won't consider or respond to it. We are happy to support non-profit organizations that focus on children, education, and the underserved in our community.

Please let us know exactly what you're asking for.  Need a gift basket for a silent auction? Some popcorn to feed your volunteers? Great, just let us know.  We are terrible at guessing these things.

And this may sound petty - but please don't ask us to fill out any forms.  We will give you a retail value of the donation if you need it, but we would really prefer that you fill out your own forms.

Donation Items

Gift Baskets for Silent Auctions or Door Prizes
Our gift basked typically include a medium Austin Gourmet Popcorn logo tin with three or four bags of fresh popcorn. Approximate retail value is $35 - $45. The recipient can bring the tin back in and receive our standard 25% discount on refills.

Individual Serving Bags
Our individual 1, 2 or 3 cup serving bags can be used for volunteer gifts, prizes, or for fund-raising sales. For a limited number of schools in our immediate area, we will donate popcorn bags for your sporting events.  You sell them, and keep whatever money you earn.

Bulk Popcorn
Large bags are great for events where people can serve themselves. 

Gift Cards
Recipients can redeem the cards in the store.

We just ask a few things:  Give us some love on social media, promote our business when it makes sense to you, and please arrange for pickup of the donations.


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