Fundraising Programs

Our fundraising programs give your organization a 50% margin, and your customers get a delicious, fresh treat. The difference between us and the national vendors is freshness -- our product is made within days of the customer receiving it, rather than weeks or months.

Gift Cards

Our in-store Gift Cards carry a $20 value, but your cost is only $10. We have physical cards and e-cards, depending on what you and your customers are comfortable with.

Custom Tins and Candy Jars

Any of our tins or candy jars can be customized with your organization's logo and colors. You get a 50% margin on the sales price, and your customers get the added bonus of one free refill plus a 25% discount on subsequent refills.

Popcorn Bags

Sell pre-bagged flavors of popcorn at your event. We'll provide a deep discount, and you keep whatever case you generate from the sales.